Domestic LPG Gas

Hassle-free LPG for your home

CamGas can provide a wide range of Propane & Butane gas products to meet your domestic needs, be it a LPG cylinder for your portable heater or the supply, fitting and refuelling of a bulk storage tank for your heating and cooking needs throughout the entire home.

CamGas also monitor the gas levels within your LPG cylinders remotely with their cutting edge telemetry system. Our system accurately records LPG usage and automatically informs CamGas when your gas levels are low, eliminating the need for you to order supplies. This high-tech system means that you never need to worry about running out of gas and is particularly useful for elderly and vulnerable customers, or those that live in remote and rural areas.

For outdoor leisure activities we also provide LPG cylinders for BBQ's and patio heaters.

Beyond the mains

If your property is not connected to natural gas mains, you need not be without the comfort and convenience that gas provides. LPG is the only non-mains gas fuel which provides a real and controllable flame, allowing you and your family to enjoy all the benefits of gas central heating, constant hot water, living flame fires and gas cookers.

Above or below ground, a discreet propane storage tank can be sited in your garden, supplying gas to your home via an underground pipe. If there is already an LPG storage vessel at your property and you are not under contract with your existing supplier, you are eligible to switch supplier.

If space or access is an issue, then portable LPG cylinders are a viable alternative. A bank of cylinders used in conjunction with a changeover valve can provide a continuous supply of gas for either a single appliance or a full heating system. Deliveries and connections are made by qualified staff from your local CamGas depot.

CamGas is happy to provide a free consultation and advise on which storage option best suits your needs.

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Leisure gas

Mobile homes

CamGas stock a range of LPG gas cylinders which are ideal for providing a source of fuel for your mobile home. That can be used for heating, cooking and water heating.

Cylinders for patio heaters

CamGas stock an 11kg Propane cylinder fitted with an easy to fit 27mm snap on valve suitable for most free standing and table top heaters, allowing you to stay warm whilst enjoying the outdoors.

Cylinders for barbeques

Gas barbecues provide the benefits of outdoor living with the convenience of instant heat that an indoor cooker would provide. We provide Butane and Propane cylinders suitable for most barbecues. For medium and large garden barbeques we would recommend propane.

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Domestic LPG Gas
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Domestic Gas

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