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Easter Opening Hours

Easter Image

All depots will be closed on Good Friday (29th March) , Easter Sunday (31st March) and Bank Holiday Monday (1st April).

For all your LPG needs in between, our Aberystwyth and Anglesey depots will be open on Saturday, 30th from 8am until 12pm and our Deeside depot will be open from 8am until 1pm.

Our Stoke depot will be closed on Good Friday and will reopen on Tuesday 2nd April.

If you are running short on your LPG, contact your local depot and our friendly staff will be more than happy to help.

Happy Easter from all at CamGas 👍🏻

01244 520551

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Important Festive Opening Times Announcement for CamGas Customers! 🌟🎄

Job advert

Dear CamGas Community,

As the festive season approaches, we want to ensure you have all the information you need for your LPG supplies. Please take note of our special opening hours for the upcoming holidays:

Wales (Deeside, Anglesey & Aberystwyth):

Mon 18th – Fri 22nd - Open 8 am to 5 pm

Saturday 23rd: Deeside - 8 am - 1 pm
Anglesey & Aberystwyth - 8 am - 12 noon

Sunday 24th - Closed
Monday 25th - Closed
Tuesday 26th - Closed

Wed 27th – Fri 29th - 8 am to 5 pm

Saturday 30th: Deeside - 8 am - 1 pm
Anglesey & Aberystwyth - 8 am - 12 noon

Sunday 30th - Closed
Monday 1st Jan - Closed
Tuesday 2nd Jan - 8 am - 5 pm


Mon 18th – Fri 22nd - 7:30 am - 4:30 pm
Saturday 23rd - Closed
Sunday 24th - Closed
Monday 25th - Closed
Tuesday 26th - Closed

Wed 27th – Fri 29th - 7:30 am - 4:30 pm
Saturday 28th - Closed
Sunday 29th - Closed
Monday 1st Jan - Closed
Tuesday 2nd Jan - 7:30 am - 4:30 pm

Wishing you a warm and joyful festive season! 🎁🔥

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to our team.

Deeside: 01244 520551
Anglesey: 01248 421502
Aberystwyth: 01970 611065
Stoke: 01782 757009

Best wishes,
The CamGas Team

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Easter Opening Hours

Easter Image

All depots will be closed on Good Friday (7th April), Easter Sunday (9th April) and Bank Holiday Monday (10th April).

For all your LPG needs in between, our Aberystwyth and Anglesey depots will be open on Saturday, 8th from 8am until 12pm and our Deeside depot will be open from 8am until 1pm.

If you are running short on your LPG, contact your local depot and our friendly staff will be more than happy to help.

Happy Easter from all at CamGas 👍🏻

01244 520551

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Winter Warming Wisdom

Winter Warmer

With autumn 🍂 and winter ❄️ looming, and the inevitable cost of living increases, how can you help to keep the heat up and the bills down? Follow our top tips to saving heat in your house and money in your pocket. ✅

Seal Windows

Exclude the draught! Even some of the newest houses have draughty spots throughout. The usual suspects are doors and windows and most issues can be resolved with draught excluders and special tape to seal any gaps. You’ll be amazed at the difference this can make to keeping your house cosy!

Turn Boiler Downr

Check your boiler! If you have an old boiler, a long-term saving solution could be the installation of a modern, more efficient system. If you can’t stretch to a new boiler, it would be worth having it serviced, to check it’s working effectively and safely.


Layer up! It’s a simple but cheap solution, pop on a jumper, snuggle under a blanket and slip on a pair of fluffy socks!

Keep Warm Together

Pick a room! If you tend to spend the majority of your time in the lounge, kitchen and bedroom, then consider turning down the heat in any other rooms. There’s no point heating unused rooms, such as the spare bedroom or downstairs loo.


Technology upgrade! Modern digital thermostats can really assist in both maintaining comfortable temperatures in the home, but also help you monitor your usage. You’ll find there are less temperature spikes as the clever tech keeps heat consistent.

Close Curtains

Draw the curtains! Your curtains are not simply there to add to your décor, they serve a purpose too! Drawing the curtains in the evening will help to prevent heat loss through the windowpanes, as well as any unsealed gaps causing draughts. Heavy materials help further as does having the curtains lined. Conversely, you should throw your curtains open in the daytime to let the sunshine in and help provide natural heat from the sun.

hot Water Bottle

Pre-heated sleep! An old school hot water bottle can keep you cosy whilst relaxing in the evening, but it also remains a cost-effective way of heating yours and the family's beds before sleep. No chilly sheets to try and nod off in, toasty toes and peaceful sleep all the way!

Close Doors

Closing doors! A very simple but often underused function of a door is to close it. Who grew up with their parents shouting, ‘Were you born in a barn?” Shutting doors keeps the heat in and prevents heat loss into rooms you’re not using!


Free your radiators! Keep radiators clear of clutter and clothing, making sure you’re feeling the full benefit of the heat rather than the clothes or clutter on and around them!

We hope our tips help to keep you cosy as the nights draw in and the temperature dips. If you’re off- grid, make sure to check your LPG levels. Our team will be more than happy to help top up your Bulk tanks or replace cylinders. Now we’ve helped to get your house cosy, let's keep it that way! 👍🏻

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We're Hiring!

Job advert

Operations Manager

Cambrian Gas Ltd. (CamGas) is a family owned and run business, operating for over 30 years, with a strong customer focus. We supply LPG in bulk and cylinders to domestic and commercial consumers throughout Cheshire, North & Mid Wales.

We are currently looking for an individual to join the team in a key position at our head office in Deeside.

The successful candidate will be a leader and problem solver with the ability to motivate a team and personally get stuck in when required.

Read more about the position and apply here

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Platinum Jubilee Depot Hours

Just to advise our wonderful customers that all of our CamGas depots will be closed on Thursday 2nd, Friday 3rd and Sunday 5th of June.

Aberystwyth & Gaerwen will be open on Saturday 4th, 8 a.m. – noon, Sandycroft will be open 8 a.m. - 1 p.m. and Stoke will be closed for the full weekend. All depots will re-open fully on Monday 6th at 8 a.m.

We hope you all have a wonderful weekend celebrating, whatever it is you're doing, be it a street party, mini-break, or relaxing at home and watching the festivities on the TV.

We will certainly be raising a toast to Queen Elizabeth II for her amazing achievement!

If you need to re-stock before the weekend, do get in touch today and we'll be more than happy to assist you in your LPG needs. Rumour has it that it will be perfect BBQ weather.

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BBQ Month

May is BBQ Month, who knew? Well, actually we did! It’s our job to know when BBQs are going to be popular so that we can make sure we have adequate stock for all our customer’s BBQ needs. We supply a range of LPG cylinders compatible with both patio heaters and gas fire pits, as well as your BBQ! So, with that in mind, we thought we’d give you our top BBQing tips to help make your BBQs Brilliant!

Alternative Meat

Alternatives to Meat for the BBQ.

So, it’s BBQ month, excellent! A time to gather with friends and enjoy the outdoor life with food, drinks and music; however, if you are vegan or vegetarian the standard BBQ fayre may not entice you. As more and more people are experimenting with plant-based foods the choices available are far wider ranging. Linda McCartney, the go to veggie range, have created a Veggie Pulled Pork Burger, which seems to be top of the list for meat alternatives for the BBQ, especially as they are suitable for vegans too. Alternatively, why not try a ‘shroomdog’ as a substitute to a sausage! If you like the taste of meat, but would rather opt for a veggie option, Richmond’s do a brilliant vegan sausage, you’d be hard pressed to tell the difference with a blind taste test! But if you’re not a fan of the meat substitute, you cannot go wrong with a halloumi burger – it's amazing what you can do to a slice of halloumi! Or keep it simple with a rainbow of roasted vegetables on a skewer!

Spruce up your sides

Spruce up Your Sides!

Do you have a favourite accompaniment for the BBQ? For many, a BBQ represents a burger in a bun, maybe a sausage and a bowl of salad on the side. However, if this is you, you’re seriously missing out! If you haven’t eaten a buttery sweet, corn on the cob cooked on the BBQ, it’s time to try! But, there’s so much more too! Why not try making your own coleslaw and add some grated apple and cheese for a change. Upgrade your classic potato salad, by adding some lime and siracha, or level out the carbs by baking some sweet potato wedges with a drizzle of honey and sprinkle on some sesame seeds for sweetness and texture. It’s definitely time to expand the repertoire and enjoy more than a bag of ready washed salad leaves!

Perfect Pairings

Perfect Pairings.

No BBQ would be complete without a beverage in hand to help wash it down. There are so many options from wine, beer, gin, cocktails, non-alcoholic drinks and soft drinks, the choice is a personal one, however, there are some drinks that lend themselves to certain foods and make the perfect pairing! If you’re having steak on the BBQ, try a nice glass of Malbec or a lighter Shiraz if you’re BBQing in the afternoon. For poultry and fish, try a crisp, cold Sauvignon Blanc or some bubbles! Prefer Rosé; there are some beautifully light rosé wines which would pair with fish, salads and chicken, such as a delicately dry, Pinot Grigio Blush or a Sancerre. Burgers and beer? Absolutely! An ice-cold larger works wonders with BBQ meats and veggies or opt for a stronger ale to cut through bold flavours such as pulled pork. Then for the designated drivers or tee-totals among us, why not try one of the many new alcohol-free spirits and beers available on the market, there are many more options now however, you can’t go wrong with a cold can of coke or a cup of tea (we are British after all)!

More Smores please

More Smores Please!

You’ve finished your BBQ, your savoury tooth is satisfied, but now you fancy something sweet! The solution and the most perfect BBQ pudding has to be Smores!! Roasting marshmallows is always good fun for children and adults, but making them into a Smore, raises the bar, taking the tempting treat to another level! So, what is the key to a perfect Smore? It’s quite simple really, you need a pack of digestive biscuits, a bar of your favourite chocolate and a bag of marshmallows. That’s it! Simply roast your marshmallows carefully on the BBQ, then when they’re golden and gooey, you sandwich them between two digestives, with a generous block of chocolate! The molten marshmallow melts the chocolate and creates a gooey, taste sensation that all the family will love! Props to our American friends across the pond for introducing us to this treat.

BBQ Chill

Post BBQ Chill.

The British Weather can quite often cut short an enjoyable outdoor BBQ session; as the sun goes down so does the temperature! However, there are some amazing solutions these days, which will see you making the most of the evenings and keep you toasty warm! Patio heaters have been around for a while now, and although they were once only a luxury at a fancy pub with an outdoor area, you can now have one on your own patio! There are even tabletop versions for you to sit around and warm up by. Then, there are the most recent additions to the home heating heroes' range, in the form of a fire pit – be it tabletop or freestanding! They are worthy investments and as they are gas powered, they are easier to heat, provide consistent temperatures and are much better for the environment compared to traditional coal/log burning fire pits (and your hair and clothes won’t pong either!).


Don’t Forget The Essentials!

Now you have all your food ready, the buns are bought and drinks cupboards are full, you need to make sure you have the essentials to ensure your BBQ runs as smoothly as your burger sauce. Time to stock up on LPG gas cylinders!

Our stockists and depots have plenty of stock to cater for all you BBQing needs – call our Head Office on 01244 520551 or email: to arrange delivery.

We hope you’re inspired by our BBQ ideas and would love to hear if you have any top BBQ tips yourself? Why not share them with us or send us your pictures of you getting BBQ ready, we’d love to see them.

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Bank Holiday Opening Hours

Just a little update to let you all know our CamGas Depots will be closed on the 2nd of May for the Early May Bank Holiday.

It’s business as usual over the weekend so you can stock up on any BBQ gas you might need! 😊

Have a great Bank holiday, CamGas!

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Easter Opening Hours

Just a little heads up to let you know that all #camgas depots will be closed on Good Friday (15th April), Easter Sunday (17th April) and Bank Holiday Monday (18th April).

For all your LPG needs in between, our Aberystwyth and Anglesey depots will be open on Saturday, 16th until 12 pm and our Deeside depot will be open until 1 pm. 😁

If you are running short on your LPG, contact your local depot and our friendly staff will be more than happy to help. 🤗

Have a lovely Easter!

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Happy April 1st - When April Fools pranks go wrong... 🤦‍♀️

April Fools Day

We thought about a prank post for today, but then thought better of it! More fuel us, you might say, but our research showed us that sometimes April Fool pranks and jokes can seriously backfire!!

Take everyone’s go-to search engine, Google as an example. In 2013 they created an entertaining addition to add to the end of an email discussion – a mic drop depicted by a Minion dropping a microphone! 🎤 The comical meme was intended as a funny retort to a correspondent on an email to imply “this conversation is over”. However, the button to use this meme was unfortunately located next to the send button within Gmail. Cue numerous formal emails being sent out with Minion mic drops. Multiple complaints were received from disgruntled users who had added the mic drop in error. Google’s response was comical in itself, replying simply with “Well, it looks like we pranked ourselves this year!’

Then there was Volkswagen who started a prank which would again backfire on them! A story was leaked that the car giant would be changing its name to “Voltswagen”, they even went as far as creating a Twitter handle and changing their branding on their German website. However, many people were suspicious and rightly so. It was an elaborate April Fool's joke that they hoped would highlight the plight of climate change and the conversion to electric cars, with their brand at the forefront. Unfortunately, people didn’t see the funny side after their previous scandal of tampering with emission outputs in their cars a few years previously! 🤦🏽

Fast food royalty, Burger King 🍔 👑 tried to prank their customers back in 1998 by announcing the launch of their left-handed Whopper burger! The suggestion went down a storm with many left-handed people, who flocked to their local Burger King to place an order for the magical burger! However, Burger King bosses were left with ketchup on their face when the disappointed lefties realised it was just an April Fools and that the joke was on them!

Finally, April Fools prankster regulars, This Morning, played the biggest prank at the expense of their very own presenter, Holly Willoughby with upsetting results! Their makeover feature would be the scene for the set-up, with an actress playing the role of a woman in need of a makeover. The look was a backcombed, 80’s hairstyle, a rather unflattering crushed velvet frock and a pair of tacky white boots, finished with makeup which left the lady looking like a circus clown! When the completed makeover was unveiled Holly looked on with dismay as the ‘poor guest’ burst into tears at the sight of herself in the mirror! To add insult to injury, after Holly tried to console her, Phil sent the lady and her actor ‘husband’ off for a nice romantic treat which ended in their limo crashing outside the studio! Just as Holly tried to cut to a break, Phil announced ‘April Fools’. 😱 Poor Holly cried in both relief and frustration, mostly as she was unable to swear 🤬 on live TV, but the screen favourite is left visibly upset by the ordeal!

Funnily enough, they didn’t carry out an April Fools last year!!

We hope you’ve had a laugh at these April Fools gone wrong! We bet you’re glad we didn’t carry out a prank ourselves – it probably would’ve tanked (apologies we couldn’t resist that one)! 🤣

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Pre-Spring Garden Prep

Pre-Spring Garden Prep

As we rapidly work our way into March, Spring is just around the corner. The nights are starting to get increasingly lighter, and the temperature is definitely a tad warmer, making it the perfect time to start the process of getting your outdoor space ready for Spring. Over the winter months, the good old British weather gives our fences, pots, and patios a bit of a tough time! (Especially with storms like Anwen and Barra!) Investing a bit of time outside now and giving those outdoor areas some TLC, will pay dividends come March and April!

We’ve created a handy checklist to help you get ready for Spring!

1.) Sharpen the lawn mower blades ready for the first cut of the year.

Blunt lawn mower blades can wreak havoc on your lawn! They rip and tug the grass blades rather than giving them a nice clean cut, leaving tears that can weaken the grass and increase the risk of fungus and disease. A nice, sharp blade, will cut cleanly, allowing the grass to recover quickly.

2.) Dust the cobwebs away and clean down your garden furniture.

The last thing you want when you finally sit down with your cuppa on your nice rattan set, is to be met with dirt and cobwebs. If you have a wooden set, it may be worth giving it a thorough jet wash, allowing it to dry, then oiling the wood for protection. Or try a lick of paint, to give it a new lease of life!

3.) Prune your perennials.

Although perennials are hardy and not overly demanding, they still need a little bit of TLC to encourage flowering and growth in Spring. Pruning down to the ‘crown’ of the plant, making sure not to cut any new growth, but removing dead stems and flower heads, should be enough to help the plant to flourish. Also remove any weeds at the roots and add some fresh mulch and feed.

4.) Jet wash the patio and decking.

During the winter months, our patios and decked areas can turn a rather unattractive shade of green! Mould, mildew, and even algae can grow on them when they are damp over the winter, not only making them an eyesore, but they can also become a slippery death trap! Using a powerful jet wash can make an enormous difference – restoring them to their former glory and making them a nice place to be again!

5.) Check you have paid your annual garden waste charge.

Most councils introduced a charge for the collection of garden waste, and this is normally payable on an annual basis with collections starting around March. No tag on your brown bin (or green bin depending on where you live), and the council won’t collect. Make sure you don’t fall foul to this and miss out, go online to your local council’s website, and check out the requirements for where you live.

6.) Purchase some spring bulbs to plant now ready to bring a splash of colour.

Although the warmer weather recently has fooled our daffodils and crocus into thinking it is already spring, most bulbs planted now will flower around Springtime. Hyacinths are a pretty addition to any garden or window box even. Not only do they add colour, they have a beautiful scent. Tulips will also normally appear in Spring, with such a variety of dazzling colours, you can create a feast for the eyes! (The bees and butterflies will thank you too!)

7.) Install a water butt.

Water butts are a superb addition to any garden. With most homes on a water meter, watering flowers and lawns during the Spring and Summer months, can prove costly, especially if we have a relatively dry few months. Collecting rainwater, which would normally run straight from your downspout and into the drain, could save you handsomely! There is also the environmental benefit of reducing your carbon footprint which the planet will thank you for!

8.) Start your own compost heap.

Try making an area in your garden for collecting organic, biodegradable waste and you can make your own nutrient-rich compost. Rather than sending waste to landfill, you can add it to your compost heap. The key things to remember when making your own compost heap, are: aerate, water and waste! Don’t forget to check for wildlife when you aerate though!

9.) Check your fences for any maintenance they may need following the winter.

Making sure your perimeter fences are secure and sound is a good habit to get into. Replace any rotten or damaged panels and treat the wood on a regular basis to prevent rot in the future. Making them secure is essential if you have children or animals too, giving you peace of mind if they are playing outside.

10.) Stock up on LPG gas cylinders ready for your patio heaters, firepit tables and BBQs.

Once you have done all the prep and Spring is here, you will want to head outdoors, invite friends and family over for a BBQ and enjoy the fruits of your labour! The addition of modern table firepits and patio heaters certainly enables you to extend the ability to enjoy outdoor spaces for longer! Our stockists and depots have plenty of stock – call our Head Office on 01244 520551 or email: to arrange delivery.

We hope our top tips inspire you to get outside and start prepping for the Spring.

Have any top tips yourself? Why not share them with us or send us your pictures of you getting pre-spring prepped, we’d love to see them.

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The Alternative Green Solution to Off-Grid Energy

Christmas Opening Hours

❗The latest edition of BH & HPA's Journal (the representative body for the parks industry) has just landed and it features none other than our MD, Pat Ardis!!

🙌 Click to read the article

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Christmas Opening Hours

Christmas Opening Hours

During the festive period our branches will be closed on certain dates to allow our team to enjoy the time with their families.

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

25th - 28th December - Closed

29th - 31st December - Open

1st - 3rd January - Closed

4th January - Open

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❄️ Preparing Your Home for Winter

Prepare For Winter

As the weather begins to change and we experience shorter, colder days, our thoughts turn towards winter.

A key priority for the CamGas team is helping our customers to ensure their homes stay warm and cosy during the cooler season. Of course, our LPG goes a long way towards this, but there are plenty of other things that can help. We have therefore put together our top ten tips for keeping your home snug whilst not breaking the bank.

  1. ❄️ Prioritise your heating – there is no need to heat rooms that you rarely use, nor do you need to heat a home when you are out all day. Make the most of your timers and consider investing in a system that will allow you to maintain a constant temperature rather than constantly trying to heat rooms from cold which can cost more in the long run. Fitting thermostat dials to your radiators will allow you to control the heat in rooms individually – you will likely find that south facing rooms do not require heating as much as those on the other side of the house!
  2. ❄️ Candles, throws, rugs and cosy knits – the perfect things to keep you snuggly whilst also adding charm and style to your interiors to make your home inviting. Opting for wool will ensure you add that extra level of warmth to your living areas.
  3. ❄️ Plug any drafts, make sure that your windows and doors are sealed properly – you don’t want to be heating the outdoors and it is amazing how gaps near doors and winters can affect the heat within a room.
  4. ❄️ Make use of your curtains they are not simply for show – whilst large windows are amazing for letting in light and airing rooms during the summer, it is surprising how much heat can be lost through them in the winter. Thick curtains with a decent lining can make a huge difference to insulating your home. However, remember to open them in the daytime on sunny days to capture all that natural heat.
  5. ❄️ A comfortable temperature for a room is advised as 18 °C make sure you aren’t overheating your rooms and then feeling falsely cold when you move to another! Which brings us nicely onto point 6.
  6. ❄️ Keep your radiators clear to allow heat to circulate – blocking them with clothes or furniture will reduce the ability for the heat to flow and therefore impact their effectiveness
  7. ❄️ Get your boiler serviced to ensure that it is still up to the job – this should be done on a regular annual basis, particularly for older models, to ensure efficiency as well as safety.
  8. ❄️ Using foil behind any radiators that are attached to external walls will reflect the heat back into your home and prevent it being absorbed into the exterior walls.
  9. ❄️ Hot water bottles never go out of fashion – use them in the evenings and to pre-warm your bed so it is nice and toasty when you climb in!
  10. ❄️ Finished cooking? Leave the oven door open and allow the heat to escape and warm your kitchen - make the most of the superfluous heat rather than leaving it trapped inside!

❗ Don’t forget to think ahead ❗

If you are off grid make sure you are in communication with your supplier to ensure you don’t run low on fuel this Winter whilst at the same time do not panic – at CamGas we are dedicated to maintaining our 5star rating and caring for our customers during the chillier months!

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Important Update!

Fuel Shortage

Due to the recent news reports on energy shortages, we have had a small number of calls from concerned customers.

We wanted to take this opportunity to put any concerns to bed and say, although it may be challenging for both suppliers and consumers this winter, we are confident in maintaining our 5-star service.

Please be reassured that we have made substantial investment in LPG storage, cylinders and additional vehicles at CamGas. This all helps ensure we are in the best possible position coming into the time of the year when our customers rely on us the most.

To help safeguard our entire network, we would kindly request that customers do not over order, we have sufficient gas and cylinders for all existing customers.

Thank you for your time and should you have any concerns please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Kind Regards,

The CamGas Team

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A green future with bioLPG


You may have seen the news and heard about the Governments ambitious plans for a Net Zero future. The newspapers have been filled with headlines about boilers being banned and that homes will need to move onto a low-emissions system.

As your LPG supplier, we wanted to reassure you that your LPG system is fit for the future, as the industry is transitioning to a renewable bioLPG.

LPG is the lowest carbon, conventional fuel for homes and businesses off the gas grid, bringing huge benefits, not just on carbon, but air quality, compared to traditional off-grid fuels oil and coal.

As an industry however we recognise this does not go far enough in tackling climate change, which is why the LPG industry launched its ambition to transition to 100% renewables by 2040 back in 2019 in order to support the Government’s target for a Net Zero future by 2050.

So what is bioLPG?

BioLPG is a convenient and non-intrusive ‘drop-in’ solution to decarbonisation for a variety of rural off-grid homes and businesses.

Drop-in: can be used with existing infrastructure, such as your tanks, boilers, fires, cylinders, hobs and ovens, in fact any LPG appliance, so no expensive home upgrades need to be made in order to start using it.

Renewable: made from a diverse mix of sustainable biological feedstocks and processes.

Low carbon: up to 90% carbon emissions reduction and carries the same low NOx, SOx and PM as conventional LPG.

Instant heat: provides on-demand heat and hot water, compared to low-temperature systems such as heat pumps.

Next steps

As the industry transitions to bioLPG, the aim is to enable existing LPG users to gradually begin using bioLPG alongside their existing supply during the 2020s and 2030s.

We are excited to be on this journey to Net Zero with you. Please contact us to discover more.

Discover More About bioLPG

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🔥 Get Your Grill On - It's National BBQ Week!

BBQ Safety

This week is National BBQ Week in the UK and despite the very changeable British weather we are celebrating all things barbeque.

There is nothing quite like the taste of food cooked outdoors on an open flame and the enjoyment that can be had from a good old back garden BBQ. But as always, safety comes first, so we have put together our Top Ten Tips to take note of when it comes to getting that grill fired up and having fun with friends and family.

  1. 🔥 Have an extinguisher available and ensure you know how to use it
  2. 🔥 Wear long sleeves, an apron and oven gloves to protect yourself when grilling do not attempt to flip food with your hand
  3. 🔥 Place your BBQ on a firm, flat surface in a well-ventilated area away from buildings and over hanging trees
  4. 🔥 Keep young children and pets away
  5. 🔥 Always light a gas BBQ with the lid open
  6. 🔥 If a gas BBQ fails to light wait 5 minutes to allow the gas to clear before retrying
  7. 🔥 Keep raw meat separate and thaw thoroughly before cooking - ensure it is cooked properly to avoid upset stomachs
  8. 🔥 Once finished ensure you turn the gas off at the BBQ AND the cylinder
  9. 🔥 Ensure it is cooled thoroughly before attempting to move it
  10. 🔥 Store your BBQ including gas canisters in a safe, dry and secure place away from flames

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We're heating things up (literally)!

Covid-19 Update

The summer weather isn't the only thing heating up around here... we've got patio and BBQ gas offers that will have you sweating!

We've been delivering BBQ LPG to our customers come rain or shine over the last few months thanks to the gradual easing of lockdown in England and Wales. As the Government hit that green light for outdoor gatherings, we've seen a huge spike in demand for LPG and we couldn't be happier! As the last few BBQ's are dusted off and the weekend shindigs planned with friends and family, we're on hand to deliver the goods and at a competitive price.

But it's not just our customers who have benefited from our latest offer, restaurants, bars and venues with outdoor seating have also been ringing our head office's phone off the hook. Why? As we're all aware, the British weather can occasionally throw a spanner in the works meaning outdoor seating can sometimes be hit or miss. Well, not anymore! Our drivers have been delivering patio heater LPG to local businesses across Cheshire, North and Mid Wales.

As a 5* UK LPG supplier, we want to ensure customers and local businesses are taken care of. We have plenty of stock available and will deliver your BBQ or patio LPG the very next day. All of our prices are comprehensive and competitive, so you know you're getting the best deal.

Call our head office today for details or follow our Facebook page for updates, news and offers!

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We're STOKED to be here...

Covid-19 Update

For those of you who are new here, welcome! Here's a little background information on CamGas our family-run business was established back in 1990 by our Founder and Managing Director, Pat Ardis. We began offering LPG solutions to our very first customers from our Head Office branch in Deeside but quickly expanded to Wrexham, Prestatyn, Anglesey and Aberystwyth in order to facilitate more customers who required LPG for their homes and businesses.

Fast forward 30 years and we are now one of the leading UK LPG suppliers in Cheshire, North and Mid Wales with a growing demand thanks to our 5* customer service, high-quality LPG products and expert fleet of vehicles that offer next day cylinder delivery come sun or snow. Back in 2020, an opportunity presented itself in the form of a new branch located in Stoke and we couldn't refuse.

Over the last couple of months, the CamGas team from all aspects of the business have been working tirelessly to launch the new Stoke branch (in the middle of a pandemic might we add). As we're all sadly aware, COVID-19 has been detrimental to some businesses, even resulting in closures so we were slightly apprehensive at how well our new branch would operate. However, we have been blown away by how many new customers have chosen CamGas as their new LPG Cylinder supplier! We have even had our first review from a new Stoke customer:

"We have just moved into our new home - no gas and freezing cold. Jason from the Stoke branch was amazing!! Delivered the new cylinders within the hour of calling, explained how they worked and how we use them. 100% recommend! Thank you"

Victoria Gath

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our existing customers for being such great supporters of CamGas and what we do. Plus, a massive hello to potential new customers in the Stoke area who need LPG cylinders for domestic and/or commercial use. If you are local and require LPG, please get in touch with our team on or call our office on 01782 757009 and we will be delighted to assist you. If you don't already follow us on social media for news and updates, click here. Thank you!

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COVID-19 - Company Update

Covid-19 Update

As the situation develops, we are continuing to implement additional measures to ensure the safety of our team and customers.

We feel now is the time to politely ask customers who collect LPG from any of our branches, to ring beforehand to discuss your options.

Please do not be concerned - we have plenty of cylinders and gas for all existing customers and deliveries are being made as normal.

As part of our safety precautions, we want to reduce customer interaction as much as possible, which will help to ensure our staff remain at a sufficient level to provide a robust service during these difficult times.

Thank you for your ongoing understanding. If you wish to speak to your local depot for more information, our telephone numbers are copied below.

Stay safe and stay home,

The CamGas Team

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COVID-19 - Company Update

Covid-19 Update

Due to a small number of understandably concerned customer phone calls, we would like to inform and reassure all of our customers that CamGas is OPEN and currently running at full speed.

The health and safety of our team and customers has always been paramount. As such we have put additional procedures in place to help ensure we prevent the potential spread of COVID-19, while still delivering the high standards CamGas customers expect of us.

Ways in which CamGas are helping to reduce the risk of spreading the virus:

  • Wherever possible we recommend payment by card when ordering.
  • Please don't be offended if our drivers keep their distance, we have advised our staff to have as little unnecessary contact with customers and the general public as possible.
  • Where possible office staff are working from home for the time being until the situation is clearer.

With recent events in the news regarding stockpiling, we wanted to reassure you that we have sufficient cylinders and product to facilitate all existing customers providing people don't stockpile.

As the situation develops, we will make all efforts to continue providing the service required so none of our customers are unduly impacted plus keep you fully updated when required.

Keep safe and look after each other,

The CamGas Team

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CamGas Sponsor Point-to-Point Race at Bangor-on-Dee

hourse race

We're shaking things up for this news story - it's not always about LPG you know! We've had the absolute pleasure of sponsoring a race at Bangor-on-Dee's Flint & Denbigh Hunt Point-to-Point Meeting on Sunday 8th March.

For those of you who are wondering what a point-to-point race is, it's an amateur form of steeplechasing that takes place on an inner course at Bangor-on-Dee racecourse which looks out towards the Welsh Hills. We're thrilled to be sponsoring such an exciting race which will be named after CamGas - and can't wait to enjoy the day with colleagues, family and friends.

If you would like to attend the race you can find all the information here. Fingers crossed the weather is as beautiful as the scenery!

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The British Holiday & Home Parks Association 2020


BH&HPA's annual conference will be hosted in London on Wednesday 22nd and Thursday 23rd January this year and in true tradition, CamGas will certainly be making an appearance.

On behalf of CamGas, Andy Warburton - the Sales Development Manager and John Paul (JP) Fishwick - Senior Engineer, will be making their way down to the capital for the event. However this year, CamGas won't just be attending the conference as guests, they're also sponsoring the event and will feature in the conference programme.

If you're new to BH&HPA, they are a UK organisation with the sole objective of representing and serving those who own or manage holiday, residential, tenting, touring and glamping parks and all forms of self-catering accommodation in the park setting. As always, the conference provides a brilliant opportunity to keep updated with new developments and products in the home park industry, in which CamGas are heavily involved in.

Not only is the conference beneficial business-wise, but it also gives CamGas the chance to meet and greet new customers as well as catch up with old friends. If you happen to fall in either of those categories then don't forget to pick up a programme at the event to see CamGas's feature!!

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F1 In Schools

Formula one in schools

CamGas's very own engineer, JP Fishwick and his son Tom are currently representing the Welsh team in the 'F1 in Schools' challenge in Abu Dhabi alongside 55 other incredible teams.

The objective of this thrilling yet educational experience is to help change perceptions of science, technology, engineering and maths by creating an entertaining and enjoyable environment for young people to grow their own views and opinions about careers in engineering, Formula 1, science, marketing and technology.

As a proud employer and friend of JP's we have sponsored Team Quantum and wish them the VERY best of luck. If you want to learn more about 'F1 in Schools' click here for details.

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ANNOUNCEMENT: 'Refer a Friend' Scheme Coming Soon!

Refer a Friend' Scheme Coming Soon

As a local family run business, we're immensely proud and extremely grateful for all of the kind reviews our customers have provided over the years, whether they're via Facebook, Google or directly to our teams. Each and every incredible review has helped CamGas grow into the company it is today - so thank you very much for your continued support.

As a BIG thank you, we would like to give something back to you - our customer. We will shortly be rolling out a 'refer a friend' scheme. The objective of this scheme is to offer rewards to our existing customers in exchange for introducing CamGas to their friends and family.

Keep your eyes peeled to our Facebook page - we will be officially launching our ˜refer a friend' scheme shortly with further details to follow.

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Propane Cylinder Offer

We know what you're thinking - surely it's too early to be thinking about Winter's heating prices? However, you would be mistaken, it's never too early for a great deal that could save you £££.

We are a family-run business, with over 30 years' experience in the industry and are considered one of the leading LPG suppliers in North West England and Wales. We strongly believe that the key to our success is our outstanding customer service, excellent range of LPG cylinder and bulk tank products, and most importantly - our happy customers. With this in mind, we're always looking for ways to keep our customers updated with the latest news so they can reap the rewards from our fantastic offers, deals and discounts.

With this in mind, we're releasing our NEW, FIXED 12-MONTH CYLINDER HEATING PRICE for Winter on Saturday 28th September. However, you can get your hands on our new prices earlier. Here's how - simply CLICK HERE to view our Facebook page. You will then see a pinned post with a link to a contact form. Once your form has been submitted, we will email you the updated prices several days before they are announced to the public at the end of September.

Even more terrific news - this offer is open to new and existing customers so everyone's a winner! To keep updated, make sure you follow our Facebook page.

Terms and conditions apply.

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NEWSFLASH SPECIAL OFFER: 11kg Propane Cylinder

Propane Cylinder Offer

Have you heard the news? We,ve got an INCREDIBLE 11kg Propane cylinder offer guaranteed to make your summer just that much better! Whether you're dusting off the barbeque or patio heater (because the British is that unpredictable), this trusty CamGas cylinder won't let you down, and it's now on OFFER.

Our cylinder's special offer price is £27 if you already have a CamGas empty available to exchange, otherwise you can get your hands on one for £47.00 (prices include VAT). We are offering same or next-day delivery FREE of charge or you can collect from our selected depots which include: Anglesey, Aberystwyth, Deeside and Wrexham. If you need any further information, please click the link to your local depot below or contact them directly to arrange your order.

Deeside (Head Office)
Phone: 01244 520551
Phone: 01978 752843
Phone: 01970 611065
Phone: 01248 421502

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If you follow us on social media, then you might already know about #LPGDay. The World LPG Association (WLPGA) announced the launch of the first ever #LPGDay - which was celebrated on the 7th June 2019 to promote the benefits of LPG.

Now marked in all future calendars, this day will represent a fundamental part of the LPG industry's communications strategy, which will result in a monuments growth in awareness of LPG across the world. The objective? The WLPGA want to see individuals as well as organisations get creative and take part in this day. Using the hashtag #LGPDay, share your own ideas and policies and help spread the word about LPG!

Visit the social media platforms below to see what people got up to on this year's #LPGDay. For more details, visit the WLPGA website.

#LPGDay Social Media Platforms

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New stockists!

LPG Gas Stockists

CamGas are constantly expanding into new fields, and with great success too! Our newest venture - building partnerships with local garden centres who want to stock our outdoor retail LPG cylinder range to their customers.

The range comes in both propane and butane forms and in a variety of sizes. They're ideal for outdoor adventures such as camping, as well a practical use for BBQs and patio heaters. It goes without saying that when the summer sunshine finally appears over the UK, we certainly make the most of the weather. Which is why it's now easier than ever for the public to purchase outdoor LPG and at an affordable price.

We are thrilled to announce that since the launch of this new venture several superb garden centres are onboard and selling our LPG cylinders as we speak! We are proud to introduce our new stockists: Manor Garden Centre, Waterways Garden Centre, Wrexham and Fron Goch Garden Centre.

Are you a local garden centre? Keen to become a stockist yourself? Well, get in touch and a member of our team will be happy to speak with you.

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UKLPG respond to the Committee of Climate Change report on UK housing

CamGas conference

Back in February, the Committee of Climate Change (CCC) reported that the UK government needed to take urgent action to improve the quality of homes by reducing greenhouse gas emissions in order to meet their legally-binding climate change targets.

In the report, the CCC recommend using heat pumps and heat networks to retrofit existing homes to ensure they are low-carbon and resilient to the changing climate. However, when building new homes, the CCC state that by 2025 at the latest, no new homes should be connected to the gas grid. Instead they should be heated using low-carbon energy sources, contain extremely high levels of energy efficiency in conjunction with suitable ventilation amongst other elements.

This report has caused concern with UKLPG, the trade association representing companies that work in the LPG industry. Sophie Haywood, UKLPG's Public Affairs Manager explains that the CCC's recommendation to solely using heat pumps as the answer to decarbonisation is not realistic. Between 40% and 70% of existing off-grid homes will not be suitable for this system and therefore other alternatives need to be reviewed.

One of the lowest forms of carbon is LPG and its already available to 2 million off-grid homes. As you may already know, LPG has several benefits; it offers instant and continuous supply of gas, it's cost-effective and safe. UKLPG is worried that the CCC isn't looking at suitable other alternatives and is simply shelving consumer and builder demands.

To read Sophie's in-depth news story on behalf of the UKLPG, click here.

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Social Media - Follow Our Page!

CamGas conference

You may or may not know that CamGas have a dedicated Facebook page which is filled to the seams with company updates, depot contact details, current projects and exciting news.

If you're currently not following our page, head over to Facebook and search @CamGas.LPG.Supplier to start following the action. We ensure that we post regularly so the you, the customer, are kept in the know with everything LPG related. You can also find our 5-star reviews from our extremely satisfied customers!

As one of the leading LPG gas suppliers in North & Mid Wales and Cheshire for the past 30 years, we think it's vital that we provide as much information as possible regarding our range of LPG products and services, which is why Andy Warburton, our expert Sales Development Manager is constantly out and about visiting clients on-site, helping with LPG deliveries or answering important questions from the public via phone or email.

LPG can be used for domestic or commercial use and is a cost-saving, energy-efficient, clean and convenient, safe alternative to mains gas. LPG is also affordable and considered 'green'. Keen to know more about LPG and how it could benefit you? Follow and like our page for more details!

If you prefer to speak to a member of our team, please contact 01244 520551 or email:

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CamGas are thrilled to attend the British Holiday & Home Parks Association Conference and Exhibition

CamGas conference

On Wednesday 30th and Thursday 31st January, CamGas will be attending the BH&HPA conference and exhibition in Liverpool. The BH&HPA is an organisation with the sole purpose of representing and serving those who own or manage holiday, residential, tenting, touring and glamping parks in the UK.

The conference is a superb opportunity to keep up to speed on new developments and products within the home park industry which has been such a key factor of the success CamGas has achieved over the last 30 years. Not only is the conference educational, informative and beneficial, it's also a great occasion to catch up with customers and old friends.

We hope all delegates, exhibitors and guests have a productive and enjoyable couple of days. We are very much looking forward to meeting you all!

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Christmas Opening Hours

CamGas Christmas Hours

During this time of the year, demand for LPG can increase due to factors such as the harsh Winter weather and the Christmas holidays. As the majority of our customers are located in rural areas, we understand that the reliant on LPG for heating and cooking are vital, that's why we have scheduled deliveries to customers who need additional LPG right up until Christmas Eve.

At CamGas we are committed to providing our customers with excellent customer service, which is why we have prepared our 4X4 fleet for all weather conditions - no matter what the weather throws our way, we will deliver LPG quickly to ensure our customers stay warm and cosy.

Please note that our offices and depots will be closed on: Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year's Day. Our usual opening hours will resume on Wednesday 2nd January 2019. Speak to our friendly team today to schedule your LPG delivery by calling 01244 520551 or emailing

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Go North Wales Awards - Winner Revealed!

Go Tourism Awards
Go Tourism Awards

If you've been following our news page lately, you will already know that CamGas sponsored the 'Go Caravan, Camping or Glamping' category in this year's Go North Wales Tourism Awards, held in Llandudno last Thursday.

It is with great pleasure to announce that the winner of this category is Craiglwyd Hall Caravan Park!

Congratulations to Craiglwyd Hall caravan Park and the Thornley Leisure group, from all the team at CamGas. It was an absolute please to sponsor the award and to celebrate with you during the evening.

Well done to all other award winners on the night, it was great to see the excellence of North Wales Tourism being recognised.

If you're interested in participating in the Go North Wales Awards, make sure you visit to find out when you can submit your application to enter the 2019 awards. Please click here for further information click here.

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CamGas are sponsoring a category at the Go North Wales Awards!

Go Tourism Awards

The Go North Wales Tourism Awards has been successfully established for the past three years and will take place on Thursday 15th November 2018 at Venue Cymru, Llandudno.

The main objective of the awards is to celebrate the accomplishments, determination and dedication of those working in the region's hospitality and tourism sectors. CamGas are extremely proud to announce that we have sponsored the Go Caravan, Camping or Glamping' category which recognises quality caravan or holiday lodges that offer cabin and tenting accommodation whilst boosting the tourism experience in that specific destination. You can view our sponsored category by clicking here.

The nominations for the 2018 awards are now closed and the shortlisted finalists will be announced week commencing Monday 22nd October. However, if this is something your business would like to participate in, make sure you visit to find out when you can submit an application to enter the 2019 awards.

For more information on the Go North Wales Awards click here.

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Ofgem announce price cap

Cost effective green LPG Gas

There was good news for consumers recently when Ofgem announced an energy price cap for customers on direct debit deals, saving households £75 per year on average. The energy watchdog has instructed a cap of £1,136 per year for duel fuel customers, and have stated that the cap will take place by the end of the year.

The regulator was granted powers by the government back in July in a bid to help consumers struggling with the increasing cost of heating and electricity, giving those who don't engage in the market fairer prices. As a result of this, Ofgem have said suppliers will now need to cut their prices to the cap or below to give customers on poor value default tariffs better deals, and protection for those who don't switch.

Chief Executive, Dermot Nolan said:

"Once the price cap is in place, all households in Great Britain covered by the cap will be protected from being overcharged for their energy. Consumers can have confidence that falls in energy costs will be passed on to them and if costs increase, Ofgem will ensure that any rise will be due to genuine increases in energy costs rather than supplier profiteering".

At CamGas, we already take this approach with our customers and have done so for many years. As a family run business our core value is to protect and maintain our loyal customers by conducting regular reviews of our prices and pass on price reductions when possible. We like to believe we offer fair pricing to all of our customers based on their usage, not based upon how well or often someone negotiate.

For more information contact our friendly team on 01244 520551 or today.

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CamGas Are Exhibiting At Shows Throughout August!

Cost effective green LPG Gas

Here at CamGas, we are delighted to announce that we will be exhibiting at a number of wonderful shows throughout August to present our products and services to the public and we couldn't be more thrilled!

Each show has a variety of attractions and exhibition including; livestock shows, vintage machines, classic cars, show jumping events, hands-on workshops, crafts, shopping and hearty delicious grub. If you're close to any of the events list below, why not pop down and meet some of our friendly team? Why not make a day out of it and invite the whole family along?

If you would like and additional information prior to any of the events listed above, you contact our friendly team on 01244 520551 who will be happy to assist you.

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Holiday Home and Caravan Park LPG - Cost Effective and Green!

Cost effective green LPG Gas

The UK is known for having some of the most picturesque and unspoilt landscapes in the world. Is it any wonder that now more than ever, holiday homes and caravan parks are still massively popular with the British public and are the perfect retreat for family and friends wanting to make the most of the glorious summer weather without leaving the country. All across the UK, there are wide varieties of stunning campsites, caravan parks and holiday homes situated in the heart of these beautiful surroundings.

Did you know that LPG is an excellent way to lower running costs and reduce carbon emissions for holiday homes and caravan parks? The benefits of installing CamGas LPGas tanks gives all the advantages of mains gas means holiday home and caravan park owners are connected to a fully integrated LPG supply. Gone are the days of dragging around gas cylinders in the rain!

At CamGas we offer the full package; design and installation of the whole mains system, encompassing above and below LPGas tanks, underground piped system and meter boxes. All installed by our own experienced LPGas engineering team. We are thrilled to have a long and reputable history in installing LPG systems to holiday homes and caravan parks across North Wales, Mid Wales and Cheshire. Via our sister company LPG Training & Assessment, we can even provide training to your onsite operatives along with our guaranteed aftersales support, so you know you're in good hands!

For more information on holiday home and caravan park LPG systems, get in touch with our friendly team today or call 01244 520551.

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Switch Your Bulk Domestic LP Gas Supplier and Save Money!

Partner logos

Are you looking to switch your LPG supplier? Whether you are coming to the end of your existing agreement or simply looking to lower your energy bills then talk to CamGas. We are proud to offer a hassle-free solution to save you money on your LPG energy supply.

Switching your supplier is a lot easier than you may think. You can transfer the ownership of your tank from your existing supplier to CamGas. The switching process normally takes around one month and is free to domestic customers as long as you are out of any existing contractual period. All of our deliveries are made by our qualified staff from your local CamGas depot.

CamGas have over 25 years' experience serving domestic customers with LPG so you can rest assured with the peace of mind that you are in safe hands. A first-class customer service is at the heart of what we do. We believe in building long term relationships with our customers which we do by continually reviewing our prices to ensure that you receive the best possible price for your supply.

To talk through the different options or to speak to a member of the CamGas team about the benefits of switching to LPG, please call 01244 520 551.

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Luxury Lodge Park Opts For Quality Solution.

ITO Europe recently released a statement regarding our exciting new venture at Herons Lake retreat - Read their full statement below:

Partner logos

Cambrian Gas has been awarded the contract to manage and supply LPG to the prestigious Herons Lake retreat in Caerwys, North Wales. The contract includes a full telemetry monitoring system on automatic changeovers. ITO Europe are supplying the market leading TAX 10 OPSO changeover working off Camgas Propane Cylinders and this will monitor the installations via Silicon Controls Gaslog.

Herons Lake's Operations Manager, John Roberts was delighted by the prospect, highlighting advantage after advantage to the company with a reduction in cylinder stock, man hours and emergency call-outs amongst the many, "in short it's one less job for my guys to do on an exceptionally busy park Camgas do it all'.

For Cambrian Gas it allows improved logistics from stock management, planned economical deliveries, delivery time reduction and higher levels of customer service and satisfaction reducing customer run-outs to practically zero.

The TAX10 OPSO is manufactured by ITO, manufacturers of over 10,156,000 automatic changeovers (September 2017 figures) the changeover signal incorporates magnets which means that only one signal will be sent at changeover, there will be no false signals which is imperative in remote telemetry. With most of the lodges utilizing LPG for heating, cooking, hot water plus hot tubs the TAX10 with a capacity of 10 kg/h is highly suited for the job.

The Silicon Gaslog has an integrated cable and connector to the TAX10 so no wiring tools are required, it is basically `plug & play' and gives exceptional geographical coverage - even a woodland hillside, currently offering a 10 Year Battery Life with zero maintenance and with ATEX Zone Zero. Certification it can also be fitted on tank installations.

For more information on:
Herons Lake: Website
Cambrian Gas: Website| Email
ITO Europe: Website|Email

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Gas Deficit Declared in the wake of Storm Emma and the Beast from the East.

Beast from East LPG Gas

In the recent weather attack from 'Beast from the East' combined with Storm Emma, Britain faced life-threatening snowstorm conditions, some of the worst we have witnessed in decades. Numerous parts of the UK were issued with red weather warnings - the highest alert given by the Met Office.

As the temperatures plummeted to -6 in some regions, the National Grid declared there would be a potential mains gas deficit due to the hostile weather. Britain was at great risk of not having enough gas to meet the high demand required, causing chaos and panic.

For rural communities living beyond the mains gas supply, they face additional problems whereby supplies of alternative fuels such as LPGas are so reliant on road conditions.

As the majority of CamGas customers reside in rural locations and are fully reliant on LPGas for their heating and cooking, CamGas are fully geared up to ensure their customers don't run out of LPGas. Whether its cylinders or bulk tank supply a combination of scheduled deliveries and telemetry monitoring ensured CamGas were able to keep all their customers fed & warm, regardless of the 'Beast from the East'.

CamGas are proud of their unrivalled reputation for prompt cylinder delivery and unequalled bulk tank service and strive to continue being the best LPG supplier in North and Mid Wales and Cheshire.

Pat Ardis, Managing Director explains "I'm immensely proud of the CamGas team's performance, to overcome all the challenges to ensure our customers didn't get cold. Apart from the odd impassable location, we were able to fulfil our customers' requirements. Good planning and infrastructure investment ensured adequate supplies of LPG at all times. It was certainly a true test of the company's ability to react positively whatever the conditions. The full team in the office, plant personnel and drivers, all combine to maintain the unique LPG service CamGas provides".

If you are considering changing your supplier, please contact us to speak to our friendly team about the benefits of LPG gas.

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Top 10 Heating Tips for Winter.

Winter LPG Gas

The unpredictable British weather could potentially be your worst nightmare this winter as it plays havoc with the temperature inside our homes. At CamGas, we have come up with 10 heating tips to make sure your home stays warm this winter.

1. Program your heating to suit the weather

The British weather is known for being unpredictable. Manage your heating so you can accommodate for both the cold and warm days by utilising your heating controls. This can be done manually or with a smart meter.

2. Turn your heating down by 1°c

Turning your heating down by this small amount won't cause you to feel a difference in the temperature. However, you will be pleasantly surprised to see the difference in your bills.

3. Individual radiator thermostats

Ensure you set the settings on each radiator to suit each room. For example, unused bedrooms switch to frost stat or 1.

4. Hot water temperature

Adding lots of cold to hot water, to cool it down, is a costly waste. Most modern boilers have a separate hot water temperature setting, consider reducing it.

5. Do not open windows when the heating is on

It is important that you keep all windows shut when the heating is on. Having windows open will do nothing to help reduce your heating bills and will waste energy.

6. Use your curtains

Keep your curtains open in the day to let in that free heat from the sun. When it gets dark, shut your curtains so that they can act as an extra insulator to keep the warmth in your rooms.

7. Draught-proof your house

Be sure to patch up any draughts you find in your home. Filling in gaps and cracks around doors and windows can make massive savings on heating bills. We advise buying insulating tape as this can be a great investment.

8. Un-crowd your radiators

Make sure there are no objects blocking the airflow around your radiator. These objects can absorb heat causing the room not to heat up efficiently. Because of this you may find yourself turning up your thermostat. To prevent this, we recommend that you rearrange your room to allow maximum airflow.

9. Wear a warm jumper!

This is a simple fix. Wearing more clothing can make you feel instantly warmer. By doing this, you are more likely to not turn your heating up, which means more saving on your bills.

10. Consider a new boiler

Should your central heating boiler be older than 10 years, you may wish to consider replacing it with a modern condensing combination boiler, with efficiency levels of up to 93%.

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Wishing You A Merry Christmas & A Wonderful New Year From All Of Us At CamGas.

Winter LPG Gas

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Prepare For The Winter Months With CamGas

Winter LPG Gas

There is no denying that slowly but surely the nights are drawing darker little by little each week, indicating that winter is just around the corner. During this time, we will notice the temperature descend and the cold weather creep in, increasing the demand for LPG.

Be prepared and check your LPG cylinders on a regular basis, to ensure your household has enough fuel for heating and cooking during the unpredictable winter months.

UKLPG, the trade association of the Liquid Petroleum (LP) Gas Industry, urges LPG users to stock up promptly, especially those in rural areas.

Rob Shuttleworth, CEO of UKLPG, comments: "While many LP Gas suppliers have sophisticated customer data systems which will automatically guarantee customers' tanks are topped up for winter, those users who place their own manual orders should safeguard their supply for the cold conditions. By planning ahead, home and business users can ensure they have enough heat for when the weather gets even colder."

CamGas customers need not worry, we are committed to providing an outstanding service to our customers, all year round as we provide automatic scheduled deliveries to our bulk tanks, based on seasonal demand. For 4 cylinder bank customers with our telemetry system lets CamGas know the minute your first two cylinders are empty giving us plenty of time to plan your delivery. We also have 4-wheel drive backup vehicles in case of emergencies. We can deliver quick, easy and on time keeping our customers cosy through winter.

Speak to our friendly team about your LPG requirements today, simply call us on 01244 520 551.

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Hassle Free LPG With CamGas' Telemetry System

Telemetry LPG Gas

CamGas have previously introduced their cutting-edge and hassle-free Telemetry System. Our clever and subtle Telemetry System enables us to monitor a customer's gas expenditure and notifies us when the customer's primary cylinders are empty. This intelligent system sends a signal to our offices which then allows CamGas to schedule a delivery when necessary. In the meantime, the secondary cylinders will automatically take over providing uninterrupted supply.

This advanced system eliminates one more stress from your life. It ensures you are never out of gas and even places your gas order for you so you never have to worry - CamGas have it sorted. The Telemetry System is especially useful for vulnerable and elderly customers or people with disabilities who are unable to check their cylinders. It provides those who reside in rural and remote areas with all the benefits of mains gas.

Speak to our friendly team about our Telemetry System today, simply call us on 01244 520 551.

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New Website Announcement

We are very pleased to announce the launch of our newly designed website, with a clean new look and enhanced navigation experience. We have built the website in line with the latest technology to ensure our customers can access the website with the same usability on a desktop, mobile or tablet. The improved user experience will make it easier for our customers to easily find the information they are looking for and learn more about CamGas products and services. We encourage customers to take some time to browse our website and if you would like further information on our services or have any feedback on our new design please contact us directly on 01244 520551.

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CamGas Go High Tech To Improve Customer Service

Following successful trials throughout 2014, CamGas are now able to offer four cylinder bank consumers an automated, trouble free delivery service, without the need for you to ring, order or even look at the cylinders. This system is ideal for elderly, disabled and vulnerable customers or those that live in remote and rural areas who are unable to check their cylinders, holiday homes where you're not always present or those who simply want to forget about their fuel supply as they would with a traditional mains gas system.

A discreet telemetry unit is connected to a changeover valve that sends a message back to CamGas when your first two cylinders run out and we will then arrange a new gas delivery. In the meantime the valve automatically changes over to the other two cylinders to provide a continuous supply meaning that you never need to worry about running out of gas. In short, you don't have to do anything, CamGas does it all.

Our telemetry system supports our ongoing commitment to ensuring we deliver on time, every time to keep our customers warm and happy all year round.

If you would like to discover more about our telemetry system please call and speak to one of the CamGas team on 01244 520551, who will be happy to help.

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CamGas Reduce LP Gas Prices By Up to 15%

CamGas are proud to report that since April 2014 we have saved our customers even more money on their LP Gas by reducing our prices by up to 15%, surpassing the UK energy supplier's average saving of 3-5%. As worldwide oil prices fell, LP Gas wholesale prices followed suit, this drop enabled CamGas to pass on savings directly onto our customers. At CamGas we pride ourselves on putting the customer first by providing a reliable, efficient and fair service with affordable products which is why we volunteer reductions throughout the year to ensure that our customers are always receiving the best, most cost effective price for their LP Gas.

Loyal customers are never at a disadvantage with CamGas, we apply our pricing structure across the board. We believe our long term customers should get just as good a deal as any new customers.

If the price you are currently paying from your LPG supplier hasn't reduced over the past year why not get in touch with CamGas to find out how much you could save. Call us on 01244 520 551.

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To find out how much you could save on your LPG

Call CamGas on: 01244 520551

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