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LPG stands for Liquefied Petroleum Gas, of which the two most common gases are Butane and Propane. It is a clean burning and efficient hydrocarbon gas that is produced as a bi-product of oil refining or natural gas extraction. When compressed in a tank or cylinder it becomes a liquid, which is then released as a gas. A litre of LPG expands to approximately 270 times its volume as a gas, this means that lots of energy can be stored in a relatively small container. It provides many of the benefits of natural gas with the added benefit of portability.

Butane and Propane are both forms of LPG, they boil at different temperatures and work at slightly different pressures. Propane can be used at very low temperatures making it ideal for outside use for a variety of domestic and commercial applications. Butane, which does not work as well in colder weather is primarily used for indoor mobile heaters.

Switching Supplier

If you are a domestic customer of Bulk LPG and you are out of contract with your existing supplier, you are free to switch.

The supplier switching process enables you to switch to another supplier without having to exchange the tank. The new supplier can purchase the tank from the existing supplier, therefore meaning minimum disruption to the customer, and then the new supplier can commence their Bulk LPG deliveries to you.

The process can take approximately one month from the completion of the switching paperwork.

Yes we would be asking you to sign up with us for 2 years. This is the maximum length of contract that applies to a domestic customer for Bulk LPG and is standard across the board. The 2 year period would commence the date of the first CamGas Bulk LPG delivery.

We need to have a look at the sitting, to ensure HSE conformity and collect some details from your existing tank. There are also a few forms requiring signature, these can either be completed at the time or left with you for completion. If you are not able to be there, providing we can gain access to the tank we can complete this and leave the paperwork for you.

Your annual usage and the price to purchase your existing tank are critical factors regarding the financial viability for CamGas.

No, we need to send the paperwork off to your existing supplier, receive details of your tank back from them. This information along with your usage allows us to make a decision on the viability of purchasing your tank. We will write to you to confirm the switch is complete or in some cases explain why we are unable to do so. Should we decline your request to switch your Bulk LPG supply, in many cases we can still reduce your gas prices by supplying CamGas cylinders.

No you do not need to do this, it is all done as part of the process. Should you wish to cancel direct with your existing supplier, we would suggest you wait until your new supplier has confirmed your switch.

Until the switch is complete, call your existing supplier. Our tank responsibility starts when we confirm acceptance to purchase your existing tank from your existing supplier. Once you receive our confirmation letter the tank is then our responsibility. In with the conformation letter will be an emergency procedure sheet with the number to call on it. We will also change the sticker on the tanks to show our name and number.

Bulk Tanks

Bulk tanks can be installed at a variety of locations, safety requirements permitting. Before any installation could take place, one of our representatives would visit your property to assess your requirements and the suitability of the proposed location. Should a bulk tank not be an appropriate, we can advise you of your cylinder options.

There are various safety requirements based upon the size of the tank, the diagram shows an example of a typical installation and demonstrates the basic safety requirements.

  • In this case for a 1 tonne or 2000 litre vessel, the tank must be 3 metres from building, boundary, fixed point of ignition and combustible materials.
  • The tanker driver needs a line of sight from the tank to the tanker.
  • A hedge is permitted on one side of the tank 1 metre away for screening purposes but should not hinder with access or line of sight.

Our representative will be able to advise you as to the best location for the tank.


You can pay by a variety of methods, payments to reach us by the 15th of the month following invoice. Cash or Cheque - You can pay by cash or cheque at your local depot or cheques can be sent to the address on your invoice. Cheque made payable to 'Cambrian Gas Ltd', please quote your account number.

Card payments can be made at any of our depots or by telephone.

Details for payments as shown on our invoices, please quote your account number as a reference.

Payment is taken from your account on the 15th of the month following the invoice.

Payment by Direct Debit at a fixed monthly amount, spreading the cost evenly throughout the year.

Domestic Gas

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Commercial Gas

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Holiday Parks

Labour Free Gas Supply
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Enhances Environment

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